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Assessments: Services
Playing Nursery Block sorting

Fine and Gross Motor Assessments

These assessments are used to evaluate a child’s grasps, hand-eye coordination skills, motor control, and gross motor skills. Challenges in these areas can often impact a child’s functional participation and effectiveness in school activities such as printing and crafts. It can also impact daily living activities including dressing, feeding, and toileting.


Assessment results are often used to provide additional information to Doctors, receive Program Unit Funding (PUF), or supports through Family Services for Children with Disabilities (FSCD).

Sensory Processing Assessments

Sensory processing assessments provide a comprehensive picture of how a child interprets and responds to sensory input from the environment and the body. These assessments allow for comparisons between school and at home. Often times, sensory processing challenges can contribute to behaviours and poor attention to task. This information allows individualized strategies  to be implemented so the child can function optimally in his/her environments.

For pricing, please contact me. Assessment costs
may be covered by personal benefits. ​​

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